Mobile wood drying chambers

If you are not drying wood on an industrial scale, a sea container dryer is the ideal solution for you.

Large-volume drying chambers, which we have recently been talking about very often in our publications, are a solution for lumber producers on an industrial scale. But how can you dry wood if you own a small joinery or create Kraft furniture from expensive types of wood and you don't need a large-volume dryer?

Of course you can make a small dryer yourself, but we have a much better solution.

Mobile wood drying chambers

Especially for those who dry wood in small volumes, we produce mobile drying chambers in a sea container. The cost of one drying chamber based on a 40-foot sea container is 800 000 rubles, we are ready to provide a detailed price on your request. The technological equipment installed in the sea container allows to organize the drying process as efficiently as possible with all the advantages of Agap Tech wood drying technology and get the high quality product in the output.

Advantages of mobile drying chambers

The case of the sea container is made of corrugated steel sheet with reinforced ribs of rigidity. The design of the container is completely airtight. The rubber lining on a double-wing door of a sea container allows a door cloth to adjoin to an aperture.

In addition to wood drying, the mobile drying chamber can also carry out disinfection procedures for lumber and wood packaging by heat treatment. Decontamination is achieved when the wood is aged for half an hour or more at temperatures above +50. Thanks to this, wood-destroying bacteria and pests perish at any stage of development.

The drying chamber can be connected to the heating system or used as an independent source of heating from a boiler burning wood waste. 

Looking for a mobile dryer? 

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